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About Deesa

Deesa, a city and taluka of District Banaskantha in Gujarat State, is one of the two important cities of the district (the other one is the Palampur City). The city holds an important place in the tourist map of the state. This city is also known for its market of agricultural products. Numerous temples of Deesa and the beautiful Banas River make it one of the most preferred tourist destinations of the recent time. Read this article to know more about Deesa City.

About Deesa

Exploring Deesa City

Deesa City holds a very significant place of Banakantha District in Gujarat. For the administrative purpose,t he district is divided into many talukas and Deesa is one of them. Deesa is also one of the important cities of the district. Deesa is one of the nine assembly constituencies of Banakantha District. Municipal Corporation of Deesa City looks after the overall welfare of the citizens.  As per the Census of India 2011, Deesa has a population of 111,149. The sex ratio of Deesa is 893 females / 1000 males. The child sex ratio is 822 girls / 1000 boys.

The average literacy rate is about 80%. Deesa has the famous hospital named Prathana Fracture & Orthopedic Hospital located on the National Highway No. 14. Deesa also houses Aakar Hospital located opposite to Gayathri Temple Highway. Being a large producer of agricultural items, Deesa has a agriculture products market where traders from far off places come for business. Deesa has movie halls to provide entertainment options for its people and the visitors. These movie halls are Shree Ram Cinema, Dimple Talkies, and Raj Mandir.

History of Deesa City

Deesa City of Banaskantha District is located in the centre of the district. It is located on the banks of Banas River. The city was known as Camp Deesa when it was under the rule of Deewan of Palanpur, Jalori Nawab during early 19th century. As the local people of this region got harassed by the Rajput rulers and tribal people such as the Bheels, Kosha and Dafera, Deesa became a military cantonment area where a catholic chapel was built.

During the period 1929 – 1901, Deesa was a military cantonment and became an important Field Brigade of the British Army located in between Palanpur and Rajasthan. This Field Brigade helped in protecting the areas located between Kutch and Abu Regions from the fierce dacoits. The Field Brigade also helped in protecting the eastern part of the region that was mostly inhabited by the Bhilad and is known by the name New Deesa.

People of Deesa City

To protect the local people from the tribal people many Army Barracks were constructed in Deesa during the British Rule. Rajputs from Jalor District migrated to Deesa and to survive and get jobs they had to change their surnames and had to rename their castes. Apart from the Rajputs like Parmar, Galsar, Solanki, Chauhans and Vaghela, some native tribes of the surrounding regions also migrated to Deesa and settled there over the period of time.  Around early 20th century, many of these migrated people went to Sindh and Karachi Region but had to come back after the partition of India in 1947.

Places to See in Deesa City

Deesa houses a number of important places for the tourists. One of them is the Hari Manjil Palace of Deesa. Banas River is also a very beautiful place to visit. The city houses many religious shrines which are not only visited by the devotees but are important places of attractions for the tourists of all genres. These places are Sidhambika Temple, Satrah Sahid Dargah, Sai Baba Temple, Jalaram Temple, Gayatri Temple, Bahuchar Mataji Temple, Risala Mahadev Temple, Baba Ramdevpir Temple, Ramji Temple, Vishavkarma Temple, Shri Somarpuri Maharaj Temple Sherpura, Jogini Mataji Temple, Khodiyar Mataji Temple, and Kailash Tekri Temple.

Places to See Around Deesa City

Gandhinagar is only 154 KM away from Deesa and Ahmadabad is only 160 KM away from Deesa. Both these places have many important things to see.  Patan is located about 50 KM away from Deesa and has places like Rani ki Vav, The Jain Temple, Sahasralinga Talav and Ambaji is located about 100 KM away from Deesa and has places like Gabbar Hill, Mangalya Van , Ambaji Temple and Kumbharia Temple for the visitors.

Economy of Deesa City

The main economy of Deesa revolves around agriculture and agro-based products. Deesa is famous for its huge production of potatoes. As this region was found appropriate for the production of potato, All India Coordinated Potato Improvement Project Centre was started in Deesa in 1971/72. The finances for the project were provided by ICAR or Indian Council for Agricultural Research, New Delhi. The potato research station of Deesa is under the North Gujarat Agro-Climatic Zone IV and is run by Sardar Krushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University. This research centre has helped in increasing the production of potato to a great extent and also in resolving problems of the farmers of the potato growers of the region.

Climate in Deesa City

Summer months in Deesa are very hot. The maximum temperature becomes 47 o C during summer months. The winter months are cool and pleasant and at times cool wind blows in the region. The best time to visit Deesa is from October to March as people could enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities during this period.

How to Reach Deesa City

The National Highway No. 14 passes through Deesa.  Deesa is well connected by roads to various parts of Gujarata and many parts of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Regular bus services are available from Deesa to Palanpur and other major cities of Gujarat.  The maximum numbers of buses ply between Deesa to Anand. 

Reach Deesa by Road

The maximum buses are operated by Rajdhani Travels and the second one is the Kaka Patel Travel. Frequent buses from Deesa connect Baroda, Bharuch, Anand, and Ankleshwar. Buses are of different types such as Volvo AC, Volvo Non-AC, AC and non- AC sleepers and seaters. About 60 bus routes are there from Deesa and more than 14 bus operators provide services from Deesa.

Bus between Deesa and Ahmedabad

The total distance between Deesa and Ahmedabad is 220 KM and the total time taken by private bus is about 3 hours 40 minutes.

Bus Operator: Rajdhani Travels Sidhpur
Type of Bus: AC Sleeper (2+1)
Fare: Rs. 1250
Departure time from Deesa: 4 PM
Arrival time in Deesa: 7.40 PM

Buses between Deesa and Surat

The total distance between Deesa and Surat is 438 KM and the total time taken to travel by road is about 6-8 hours.

Bus Operator: Raj Tourist
Fare: Rs. 600
First Bus: 10 PM
Last Bus: 11 PM
No. of Buses: 4 buses

Bus Operator: Barmer Travels
Fare: Rs. 500
First Bus: 5:15 PM
Last B us: 6:15 PM
No. of Buses: 2 buses

Bus Operator: Maa Vankal Travels
Fare: Rs. 500
First Bus: 5:15 PM
Last Bus: 6:15 PM

Bus Operator: Shah Travel
Fare: Rs. 800

Bus Operator: MR Travels
Fare: Rs. 700

Bus Operator: Lalan Travels
Fare: Rs. 450

Bus Operator: Safar Travels
Fare: Rs. 600

Bus Operator: Sahyog Travels
Fare: Rs. 500

Buses between Deesa and Anand

The road distance between Deesa and Anand is about 204 KM and total travel time is about 4 hours.

Bus Operator: Kaka Patel Travels
Fare: Rs. 449

Bus Operator: Rajdhani Travels
Fare: Rs. 850

Reach Deesa by Rail

The nearest major railway station is the Palanpur Junction which is about 30 KM away from Deesa. Many passenger and express trains pass through Deesa Station.  The railway code of Deesa Railway Station is DISA. It belongs to Western Railways.These trains are: Dadar - New Bhuj Bi-Weekly Super Fast Express, Gandhidham – Palanpur Express, Bhuj - Bareilly Ala Hazrat Express, Bhuj - Palanpur Passenger. Here is the list of trains passing through Deesa Railway Station.

Name of the Train: Ahmedabad – Bhagat ki Kothi Express ( Adi Bgkt Express)
Train No.:  14804
Arrival Time in Deesa: 00:51
Departure Time in Deesa: 00:53
Days:  Friday

Name of the Train: Palanpur Gandhidham Express
Train No.: 19151
Arrival Time in Deesa: 00:08
Departure Time from Deesa: 00:10
Days:  All Days of the Week

Name of the Train: Gandhidham Palanpur Express
Train No.: 19152
Arrival Time in Deesa: 14:51
Departure Time from Deesa: 14:53
Days: All days of the week

Name of the Train: Bhuj Bareilly Ala Hazrat Express via Bhildi
Train No.: 14322
Arrival Time in Deesa: 22:06
Departure Time from Deesa: 22:08
Days of the week: Friday

Name of the Train: Bareilly Bhuj Ala Hazrat Express   via Bhildi
Train No.: 14321
Arrival Time in Deesa: 15:17
Departure Time from Deesa: 15:19
Days of the week:  All days of the week except Thursday, Friday and Sunday

Name of the Train: Bhuj Palanpur Passenger
Train No.: 59425
Arrival Time in Deesa: 14:23
Departure Time from Deesa: 14:25

Name of the Train: Palanpur Bhuj Passenger
Train No.: 59426
Arrival Time in Deesa: 13:59
Departure Time from Deesa: 14:01

Reach Deesa by Air

Deesa do have an airport but that is non-functional. This airport was initially built to serve the rulers of Palanpur. Right now this airport is administered by the Airport Authorities of India. In the year 2013, this Deesa Airfield was used for a sky diving program. The nearest International Airport to Deesa is the Ahmedabad Airport which is located about 135 KM away from Deesa.

Quick Facts about Deesa

State: Gujarat
District: Banaskantha
Latitude: 72°10’56”E
Longitude: 24°15'0.4'N
Population (as per 2011 Census): 111, 149
Languages used: Gujarati, Hindi
Important River: Banas

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